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Units of Sound v6 goes online

Units of Sound v6 goes online for schools, colleges, students and parents to use wherever web access is available. Students access the same programme, records and results wherever they are: school, work, college or at home.

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The first choice for a second chance

Units of Sound being used in a school Units of Sound is a 'second chance' phonics based Reading and Spelling computer programme suitable for all ages.

Units of Sound is a proven tool for teaching students in schools, colleges and community centres who need support with their literacy. With a screening placement, student progress display and a screen tutor to show students how to use the programme correctly, Units of Sound enables all students to learn independently.

Units of Sound is designed to be used by any teacher or teaching assistant and contains all the information needed to start working with students. We know though, that some people like to have a more specific introduction to using a new IT program. Our Units of Sound Practitioner's Course steps you through the program with practical exercises and quizzes to test your progress. To get the best out of Units of Sound as quickly as possible, we recommend this course for every Units of Sound school.

Why use Units of Sound?

  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Independent work
  • Computer based
  • Gets results!


  • Individually tailored programmes - no preparation needed
  • Suitable for groups
  • Can be delivered by teachers or Teaching Assistants
  • The Specialist Learning Tool for everyone
  • Eligible for e-learning credits
  • See Units of Sound for details
  • No need to be a phonics expert
  • No set time for lessons
  • Only need to supervise - not teach

Units of Sound
goes online
version 6

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Embedding Good Practice

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